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Impresiones tras SICUR 2020

Nuestras novedades en guantes aparecen en la revista PROTECCION LABORAL

Nueva solucion : Los guantes URO PODA

NTB Glove against corrosive chemicals

In Mafepe we are specialized in the manufacture of gloves of the Amanir brand and work protection clothing of the ANETO brand. We work every day to offer constant improvement to all our customers. Therefore, today we want to talk about the NTB glove, a chemical resistant glove.


We are pleased to inform you that we obtained the Certification for a new protection glove URO PRESSING, for the security forces of the State, civil and private.


The MAFEPE Group has conducted global food migration trials under the norm EN 1186 in several of its references

The ONE-T system (I+D) revolutionizes hands protection

Thanks to the ONE-T system, we can substitute only glove of one hand, the one who is more in used. In most of the professional activities, we can prove that one hand handles more than the other, and logically this glove deteriorates before. If you are right-handed, it is normal that the glove of the right hand deteriorates before the other hand, and until now it was compulsory to buy the full pair


MAFEPE wants to thank you to all who visit our stand at the Expoprotection Fair in Paris, from 6th until 8th November, where we exhibit our URO gloves and ANETO garments with the advanced techniques to provide them a longer life

Impresiones SICUR 2018

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