The ONE-T system (I+D) revolutionizes hands protection

We want to introduce you the highest protection in gloves for the cars industry with the revolutionary ONE-T system of MAFEPE.

MAFEPE improves the URO protection gloves with the new ONE-T system, unique in the market, who contributes security and quality adapted to the needs of the cars industry.

Thanks to the ONE-T system, we can substitute only glove of one hand, the one who is more in used. In most of the professional activities, we can prove that one hand handles more than the other, and logically this glove deteriorates before. If you are right-handed, it is normal that the glove of the right hand deteriorates before the other hand, and until now it was compulsory to buy the full pair. Never more again.

All that we expose here is demonstrated through very precise controls, for instance the rubbish bin where the used of consumption and waste of pairs gloves is disproportionate.

With the ONE-T system we can reduce the consumption, so much of your economy as well as the environment, without loosing the protection levels indicated for each job. Even improving hands security in most jobs. What we call OPTIMIZATION.

We offer three big advantages with the ONE-T system:

1.       To replace only the broken glove.

2.       To proportionate a glove with greater reinforcement, with better levels EN 388. Without altering any protection regulations.

3.       To have a better designed and protected glove with a thickening system in the most vulnerable areas, like the “V area” between index and thumb fingers, back and knuckles, TPR and anti-impact protected.


The glove´s models that we propose to demonstrate the effectiveness of the ONE-T system are the following URO gloves: YOIA, PLLUMA and CHOQE. This means that we can use a YOIA glove in one hand, and the PLLUMA in the other. And if the glove is damaged, to replace only the worn one.

We describe here below these gloves for better knowledge:

YOIA glove

EN 388:2016 (E=29,33 N) with KOREX fiber, reinforce the angle thumb and index fingers. Nitrile dipping.

PLLUMA glove

EN 388:2016 (C=14,28 N), EN 407 (K=1) combined yarns 60% aramid in the areas of greater effort that the hand supports, 40% nylon. Polyurethane dipping.

 CHOQE glove

EN 388:2016 (4, *4, 4, F, P) with KOREX fiber, reinforce the angle thumb and index fingers, back and knuckles, TPR and anti-impact protected.

MAFEPE offers to implement if wish the ONE-T system in companies and distributors, always with the quality of our URO gloves. You can contact us to develop a customized plan for your needs and achieve a high economic saving.

For more information, please visit our web.

Thank you for your attention and an affectionate greeting