Using URO gloves = Savings

We need to analyze and assess if presentations of our improvements and the differences compared to competitors should be carried out individually or all together, one after another.

Each alone has force and character as each provides improvements in different ways: protection of the glove, of the hand and less consumption. If we apply all of the improvements and take them to their maximum degree, then all of the above results in very good savings.




MAFEPE applies a strip of the same material or another material in the "V AREA" (formed by thumb and index finger) of its URO® gloves. According to studies 95% of industrial gloves tear in this "V AREA". The strip applied to our URO® gloves affords greater protection and improved hand safety, IT PROLONGS THE USEFUL LIFE OF THE GLOVE and reduces consumption. In URO® gloves the saving is more than 25%. We call this OPTIMIZATION. 



When carrying out some kinds of work the glove on one hand wears out before the other. MAFEPE offers the possibility of replacing just the glove that has worn out or lost its properties. It may be the left-hand glove (L) or right-hand glove (R), but there is no need to replace both gloves. We refer to this as "ONE-T". The same LEVELS of protection are maintained but there is a 30% improvement in savings and consumption. We call this OPTIMIZATION.



MAFEPE has implemented its PATENT no.200702444 “THICKENED AREA INNOVATION” in its seamless technical gloves. It consists of a readjustment to the liner on the areas of greatest risk or wear, such as fingertips and centre of palm as well as thumb. We are currently gradually incorporating the "V AREA" reinforcement in our technical gloves. THE THICKENED AREA + V-AREA STRIP provide extraordinary results, PROLONGING THE GLOVE´S USEFUL LIFE, reducing consumption and providing savings. We call this OPTIMIZATION.



MAFEPE proposes installing VENDING MACHINES for the distribution of these gloves to adjust glove consumption as much as possible. Glove VENDING MACHINES are a means of controlling PPEs at worker level. These machines are installed in medium and large companies. MAFEPE's system of left or right gloves is an even stronger reason for using vending machines. This is SUPER OPTIMIZATION.