Why buy a pair of gloves when there is only one glove that suffers wear and tear?

With our ONE-T system

We provide the glove required rather that the pair,
allowing savings of at least 50% in normal consumption and increasing protection.



Even better results when vending machines are installed.

Thousands of discarded gloves that are analyzed guarantee that, thanks to the "ONE-T" system, our gloves are good, cost-effective and economical.

Advantages of ONE-T

Ensures comfort and provides safety

Reduces the risk of accidents

Constant, balanced EN 388 - EN 407 protection for both hands over time

Which of our gloves are available in Left or Right versions?

The references ending in (/LA) are womens' sizes or for smaller hands.
All of the gloves for which the "L" or "R" glove can be ordered are made of leather or are combined gloves.

Además, Mafepe ofrece colaborar con el cliente si tiene interés en hacer algún tipo de propuesta, que por nuestra parte no tengamos contemplada, y podamos analizar en conjunto.