How Mafepe has improved protection for hands over recent decades:


·         The first company to certify a leather glove in Spain to European standards.

·         The first to implement and register the index finger-thumb reinforcement. "V ZONE"

·         The first to apply and register "thickened" zones on technical gloves.

·         The only manufacturers to adapt anti-impact, anti-crush capsules for fingers.

·         The only gloves for electric pruning shears with CPS cut prevention system.

·         The first to introduce the replacement of one single glove instead of the complete pair. ONE-T

This is MAFEPE: In 1994 we were the first company to certify a leather glove in Spain: the URO glove. No mean feat! Our R+D department also detected that the space between the index finger and thumb is particularly prone to tears and so it came up with a specific reinforcement in this "V zone". Today all URO gloves include this protection that results in constant savings.


In addition to this, in 2007 MAFEPE implemented a unique system whereby strategic zones are "thickened" or reinforced with the same fibre or combined with other high-tenacity fibres to afford even greater hand protection. 


Recently MAFEPE has developed ergonomic capsules to protect the phalanges of the fingers against impacts and crushing. These capsules can be incorporated into different types of gloves, on just one hand or both, depending on the type of work carried out. It couldn't be easier! Full protection and safety.


 MAFEPE's most recent achievement: its exclusive gloves for electric pruning shears with their Cut Prevention System (CPS) that protect users' hands from any danger by blocking the blade.  A great breakthrough in safety.


MAFEPE is a company that is environmentally aware and concerned about responsible consumption. We offer a way of achieving savings on gloves with our ONE-T system, an after-sales service that replaces only the damaged glove, so that the other one that is still in good condition can be kept. ONE-T is a service that is applicable to all industries, activities and production systems and is compatible with vending machines.


Over the years Manufacturas Fernández Pellicer has implemented numerous unique improvements to care for and protect your hands ... and we continue to work along these same lines day after day.