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The range of URO® welding gloves complies with the technical requirements and levels of standards EN 388 + EN 47 + EN 12477 TYPE B or A, guaranteeing optimal protection and precision for all of the different types of welding operations. For example: arc welding (SMAW, GMAW, SAW), MAG or MIG, TIG orbital welding, exothermic welding, oxyacetylene welding, plasma cutting, etc.

We supply gloves that provide full coverage for the welding industry, with excellent levels of protection, varied designs and proven quality of the materials used in their manufacture. This is one of the activities in which technology is still not widely applied so that a combination of materials are used in the manufacture of the gloves: prime materials such as leather and cotton and other more modern materials such as aramids used for yarns and linings that are flame-resistant, cut-resistant, and absorb contact heat and convective heat.

All of the properties described protect the outside of the glove against mechanical risks and the inside materials reduce the concentration of heat to protect hands. Gloves should be removed for short periods to allow hands to breathe.

In our range of gloves made with more modern fabrics, laboratory tests show that model RF2S is resistant to weld splatter for 2 seconds. It is certified to protect against mechanical risks in welding according to EN 388.

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These gloves are recommended for REDUCED ACTIVITIES

RECOMMENDED PRODUCTS FOR WELDING, glove models and accessories: Compliant with EN 388 + EN 47


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