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When choosing PPE you must be very coherent and consider all the different situations that require comprehensive protection as well as ensuring that all PPE is Category III. In these activities there are two situations that in order of importance are:

• First and foremost, people must be properly protected to protect them from all types of electric shocks and ATEX situations. Both of these are extreme situations.

• Secondly, the economic implications are very important. Everything involves handling, from mounting a high-voltage installation to electronic components that can be affected by slight electrostatic discharges; components are then fitted in all types of electrical household goods, electronic goods, cars, aeroplanes, trains, etc. and can cause very considerable "hidden" economic damage, estimated in more than 4,5 million euros per year.

We provide gloves and garments for both of these sectors.

Our DIELECTRIC gloves made with natural latex afford excellent, high level insulation to protect against the risks of the electricity industry and its different related activities. The thicker the glove layer, the greater the insulation and protection of the hand is. We can supply you with our URO® leather OVERGLOVE, compliant with EN 388 + EN 47 standards, which prolongs the useful life of DIELECTRIC gloves by protecting them against cuts or perforation. And with our UNDERGLOVE in aramide fibre, compliant with EN 388 + EN 47 standards, your hands are also protected from convective heat in the event of electric shocks.

These gloves are recommended for SPECIFIC ACTIVITIES:

GLOVES FOR WORKING WITH ELECTRICITY AND HIGH VOLTAGES: The following models are compliant with the EN 693 standard: CLASS , CLASS , CLASS 1, CLASS 2, CLASS 3, CLASS 4. The following models are compliant with EN 388 + EN 47 standards: PLOMEX AND PNOMEX OVERGLOVE and UNDERGLOVE

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The garments to be worn by users to protect against exposure to electrical risks must comply with all the requirements of the different tests indicated in EC standards. With guaranteed authenticity of certification. The garments alone do not guarantee total user protection. Users must also be properly equipped with PPE that allows the current to flow through the body between the entry and exit point due to a difference of power.

The fabrics MAFEPE uses for its ANETO® series of garments are:

A) 98% cotton + 2% carbon fibre weighing 27 gr/m2. They provide permanent ANTISTATIC protection thanks to carbon fibre incorporated in the fabric and an extraordinary treatment that protects against heat, flame and electric arcs.

B) 55% modacrylic, 38% cotton, 5% polyamide, 2% carbon fibre, with a weight of 26 gr/m2. The inherent composition of this fabric provides PERMANENT ANTISTATIC protection as well as ARC FLASH, HEAT and FLAME protection. Thanks to their design, materials and manufacture ANETO® garments provide optimal comfort and enhanced resistance.

Recommendations for use: ELECTRONIC, HIGH-VOLTAGE AND PETRO-CHEMICAL industries (specifically places with exposure to inflammable vapours or ATEX explosive atmospheres)

98% cotton + 2% carbon fibre fabrics. COMPLIANT with standards EN 11612 ***EN ISO 11611 ***EN 1149-3-5 *** IEC 61482-1-2 (CATEGORY III, CLASS 2 or CLASS 1) RECOMMENDED GARMENTS: Colours available: grey, navy blue and royal blue in all of the references. CRAT ***PRAT ***CAMRAT ***BRAT ***CHRAT ***PKRAT ///ACRAT ***APRAT ***ACMRAT ***ABRAT ***ACHRAT ***ACFRIG ***APRAT ***AFRAT ***CHERA ///ZCRAT ***ZPRAT ***ZCAMRAT

The fabrics known as "modacrylic" fabrics COMPLY WITH ALL OF THE ABOVE INDICATED STANDARDS, INCLUDING THE TESTS IN STANDARDS EN ISO 11612 (A1, A2, B1, C1, D1, E1 F1) and the IEC 61482-1-1 arc rating (ATPV or EBT) USA standard. We supply all of the garments required for very good, comprehensive protection from head to foot.

RECOMMENDED GARMENTS: All models are in navy blue: FRP-CZ-AP **FRP-P-AP **FRP-B-AP **FRP-CA-AP **CA18 **POLO2 **BR18 **VE18 **SOCK, garments with quick-release opening (CDR - PDR) and high visibility vest CH3.

These garments are recommended for: SPECIFIC ACTIVITIES

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