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  • Normas: EN 1149-3

METAL industries may involve working inside or outside, with hand tools, mounting, assembly, using large machinery with cutting, folding, drilling programmes, foundries, railways, automotive sector, aviation, naval, shipbuilding, electric pylons, mounting large structures in public and civil works, etc. For all of these environments we will class PPEs in terms of higher to lower performance.

Recommended ANETO® garments and related garments: With technical fabrics for welding and similar activities:  CPAZM **PPAZM ***CAPRO ***CAMI ***BUPRO ***PREBAR ***CFRIG ***PARPAZM ***CHERA ***CPIJAMA ***PPIJAMA ***MAPRO ***GOPRO ***MHR.

Timeless ANETO® garments:  CAZACA ***CZAAM ***P5BRC ***P5AAM ***CAPU ***PACU ***ACHIL ***MITA ***CAG ***CAMAZA ***PARSOL ***IBON ***SUGAR ***BROMA ***ZALEA ***CISNE ***FORA ***CAPOLAR.

Welding garments are recommended for SPECIFIC activities andtimeless garments for MULTIPLE activities.

Garments may be made with fabrics of different compositions and weights. The most important aspect is to make the correct choice for each task: the garment should be well-designed, able to withstand the pressure of different postures without tearing easily, repel liquids and dust and withstand at least 5 washes at average temperatures. The composition, weight and way the garment is made are all important aspects affecting its useful life.

Recommended URO® gloves for welding and related gloves: SFTRK **SFRRK **16MFLK **16MFLK **SFTVRK **WELDING **15FVBR RF **15LIMO **7LIMO **16PFK **PIKE4X4  **MAG MIG.

URO® gloves recommended for high-intensity work: CHOQE **TROTE **YOIA **NVINF **NGURT **17RIAA **RIBOP **PULIDOR **17LAAR **16FVCR  

URO® gloves recommended for work of average intensity: RF2S **FORCO


The URO® gloves indicated cover practically all of the activities carried out in METAL industries: SPECIFIC, REDUCED and MULTIPLE activities

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