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A range of excellent gloves is available to suit the different variety of activities. It is always important to select gloves correctly bearing in mind the type of work, materials or machines, liquids and temperatures.

Our recommendations in high-performance URO® gloves are:

• For drilling, formwork, transport and handling of raw materials: CHOQE **TROTE **YOIA **17RIAA **RIBOP **PULIDOR **VIBRATO **MUGA35/RP **MIMO/RP **MINA/RP **MARSU/RP **MORSA/RP

• For the erection of metal structures, welding gloves and similar: 16MFLK **SFTRK **SFTVRK **16MFCK **WELDING.

• For handling or manoeuvring work, assembly, maintenance, feeding machines, etc.: 15FVBR **17LAAR **GOYA FV **LLUTO **NVINF **NGURT **FORCO SR.

• For high temperature work: H2 **S12 **NOMEXL**MAG MIG

URO® gloves have different PROTECTION LEVELS that fulfil SPECIFIC, REDUCED AND MULTIPLE functions according to requirements.

We recommend the following ANETO® garments for these activities: