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It does not include activities in which direct flames and fire are involved as, in this case, fire-fighting gloves and garments are necessary. These gloves are suitable for SPECIFIC ANTI-VIBRATION work: (EN 388 + EN 1819) or for PRUNING (EN 388). For REDUCED activities: gloves from the welding family and some of the technical models that comply with EN 388 + EN 47 standards. And finally, gloves for MULTIPLE work to carry out different types of activities. Available in leather and technical versions, with average protection levels.

Processing timber into boards and sheets and transporting it requires gloves that comply with EN 388 average-high protection levels. For handling and assembly jobs, EN 388 average-low levels are sufficient.

How to search for gloves for FORESTRY WORK: ANTI VIBRATION gloves ***Gloves for PRUNING ***Gloves for TREE FELLING ***Protection against CUTS, PERFORATION ***ARM protection, etc.

Recommended URO® gloves: VIBRATO ***PODA ***16MFLK4 ***15LIMO ***SFRRK ***PIKE 4X4 ***CIVIL FK ***CHOQE ***TROTE. For lower risk levels, YOIA ***RIBOP ***17RIAA ***PULIDOR ***ALARP

URO® gloves for average-low risk levels: 15FVBR ***17LAAR ***17LVER ***ARIZ2WL ***NVINF ***LLUTO ***5 CIVIL ***FORCO SR ***MARSU/RP ***MINA/RP.

How to search for ANETO® workwear or garments for FORESTRY WORK: HIGH VISIBILITY clothing ***HIGH VISIBILITY workwear ***Clothing for COLD ***Garments for COLD.

Recommended ANETO® garments: HIGH VISIBILITY garments CAZYRF ***PATARF ***CRL ***PRL ***PETRL ***FARO ***FAROLA ***FAROPE ***FAROPAN, Warm clothing: LEÓN ***PLEÓN ***PARSOL ***TRIPLLE