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More information about welding gloves

Gloves for welding and similar tasks are slower to incorporate new materials. But as designers we have improved ergonomics, comfort and external and internal protection in these gloves. A good glove for welding with different techniques requires grade A prime leathers for TIG (.9 mm gauge) or MIG MAG (these require greater resistance). Stitching must always be in cut-resistant, heat-resistant yarns. The undergloves are usually 1% cotton or extremely heat-absorbent thermal fabrics.

Essential features to take into account when choosing these gloves are: top-quality material, design, manufacture, lining, ergonomics and protection. Temperature is the greatest hazard as it builds up just like water when it is poured into a glass and eventually overflows. Heat also saturates materials and penetrates hands which is why it is important to remove gloves for a few minutes to oxygenate the hands.

We have just one model of technical gloves for mechanical risks in welding which withstands 2 seconds of flying particles.

Tips on the correct use of protective equipment for welding here.

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