Aiars VIBRATO protective gloves


Protective gloves with a special chloroprene foam layer composition, seamless, reinforced fingertips and knuckles. Ergonomic design for comfort and flexibility. Seamless inner layer with adjustable fist. Different coloured fist for each size. Prevents Dupuytren's contracture, Quervain disease, tendinitis, tenosynovitis, osteoarthritis, decalcification, carpal tunnel syndrome. Glove for all activities requiring hand protection against mechanical hazards, shocks and vibrations: the construction of roads, mines and quarries; working with drills, hammers, grinders; impacts from jerks, motorised saws, concrete mixers, olive shakers and vibrating plate tampers, etc.; vehicle bodywork; aircraft and boat manufacturing ; carpentry (finished furniture surfaces); home repairs; grass mowers, etc.

With the implementation of the new EN 388:2016 standard, MAFEPE guarantees that there will be no changes in glove features and production procedures. For a certain period both standards (old and new) will coexist so that you may receive gloves with different marking (old and new) depending on whether the items are from our warehouse stock or new production.

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Caja 60 pares
8, 9 y 10
EN 388 x 2 4 3
EN 10819 TRM= 0.67 TRH= 0.58

Olive tree vibrators
Power saws
Construction work
Impacts caused by tugging
Work with machines

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